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Personal Training & Private Yoga

Personal training  and private yoga sessions with KP are your opportunity to work on your wellness, exercise, or recovery journey with 100% of the attention on you. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn (or re-learn) how to exercise properly, an individual working through rehabilitation or recovery from injury/surgery, an athlete looking to level up your performance, or a yogi hoping to develop your practice this one-on-one session time could be for you. 

There are multiples of ways we can work together: you can join me at the facilities where I work, I can travel to your home, or we can arrange to meet in a fitness space of your choice.  I'm well-versed in helping clients to explore their options, so even if you aren't sure what this looks like, drop me a line.

Personal training and private yoga sessions rates vary depending on our arrangement: generally, I encourage clients to partake in personal training as part of a bigger plan to ensure your best shot at success.  Sessions that are part of a coaching plan are $45 per 30 minute session.


Sessions for both personal training and yoga that fall outside of a coaching plan are $55 per 30 minute session. These are great for specific questions that can be covered in a single session, general discussion, & out-of-program check-ins. Regardless of our route, these session rates include the facetime (30 minutes, 60, or 90) with KP as well as applicable notes and programming.


Our relationship can be short-term or long-term depending on your budget and what you hope to achieve. If you feel you don't need a great deal of private session time, rather overall guidance on how to arrange your wellness life, visit the Fitness & Nutrition Coaching page to explore these offerings.  No matter what you need, reach out today to book a free consult to discuss the possibilities.

Personal Training

Enjoy the facetime you deserve: personal training with KP will be an experience in learning how to exercise properly, work your way through injury or rehabilitation intelligently, and determining what sort of exercise suits you best.

Private Yoga

Develop the beginning of your yoga life or further your existing practice with KP.  Individual attention maximizes your potential mobility, flexibility and strength while developing the platform for mindful living off the mat.

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