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Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

With a decade of experience in working as a full-time personal trainer and yoga instructor I know one thing for sure: knowing how to maximize your fitness time with so many options and methods out there can be a tricky venture.  Similarly, exploring your unique relationship with nutrition can be a significant challenge. After years of working with clients one meeting at a time I happened upon something important: it's the spaces between sessions that really matter.

After several years of following the industry standard of selling packages of sessions to work with people I began to offer content and support for between the meetings so that my clients were able to feel confident in what to do when I wasn't standing right next to them.  I saw the size of success and rate of adherence skyrocket with everyone I was working with and felt more available to help when it really mattered most. 

My work and offerings have evolved to be centered around this coaching: after all, it's how we live ongoing life on a daily basis that will make the difference in our goals. The work of any successfully fit person hinges on intelligent methods and consistency over time.  My method and mission are set in this foundation: through an ongoing coaching relationship I aim to help you find both. Read on to learn more:

Where do we start?

We'll start with a consult call, free to you, so that you can tell me where you're starting and what you'd like to achieve.  I'll take this opportunity to learn more about you and answer any questions you may have.  I'll need to know during this call if you wish to focus on fitness, nutrition, or both.  If you're not sure, we'll figure it out together. 

What does a plan or program look like?

A fitness or workout plan will be a detailed writeup of workouts shared with you via Google Drive.  It will include your exercises, often linked to video resources.  I'll include notes that specify reps, sets, and other helpful details for executing your workouts.  My programs always include specific direction on stretch and mobility work in addition to strength and cardio work. You'll rotate these workouts on a weekly basis for the duration of your program: how many workouts you have we'll determine as I'm getting your plan set up.

A nutrition plan is a detailed writeup of how you'll approach your diet: this can include calorie and macro counts for food tracking, or a set of guidelines you'll use to make nutrition decisions each day.  Some plans include sample meal plans to demonstrate your numbers or guidelines. 

All plans come with supportive content for reading and understanding the notes and guidance. Everything is online in a print-friendly format so that you may engage with your content in the way that suits you best.


What does the coaching part include?

Once you have your plan, we have an ongoing relationship where we communicate regularly in a variety of ways: one-on-one meetings, weekly check-in emails, and as needed text messaging.  

If your plan includes one-on-one meetings we'll meet in person or via Zoom to discuss various elements of your plans and troubleshoot areas that give you a hard time.  We can cover literally anything in these meetings: movement, the content of workouts, understanding nutrition, handling the emotional challenge of making change, or anything else that is on your mind.  You can include as many or as few of these meetings as you like and they can be added on ala carte at any time.

Weekly check in emails are often a staple of my programs: they're a cost-efficient way of staying in touch with each other on a regular basis.  Included in your program overview will be a few questions specific to your content and execution that I'll have you answer in writing each week.  You'll send these to me over each weekend and I'll review them within 2 business days and respond with my insights and suggestions for the new week. 

As a part of coaching you'll have my phone number which you can text in the case of the sporadic questions that come up as you navigate life on your plan.  We won't rely heavily on this, and I don't guarantee availability outside of business hours, but it's a great option for quick questions between check-ins and to share small successes along the way.

At the heart of coaching is an ongoing dialogue using each of these enough for you to find your way and develop life-changing habits for good.

How much does coaching cost?

The cost of a program and its coaching is highly variable depending a number of factors:

-whether we are working on fitness, nutrition, or both

-how many weeks you'd like to work together, usually from 8-12

-the number of workouts you'd like to be included in your fitness plan

-the depth of your nutrition plan and number of meal plans if you choose to include

-how many one-on-one meetings you choose to include 

The simplest fitness or nutrition plans generally begin around the $525 for 8 weeks, though they can go higher or lower based on the factors above. Basic combinations plans will come in at minimum $625. We'll work together to find the right parts and pieces that fit both your goals and your budget.  I do offer installment payment plans to make agreements more feasible for you and your family. 

What happens at the end?

Many clients invest in a few rounds of coaching (after all, it can take a long time to see true change in composition, habit, and lifestyle) but you're never obligated to continue on with me.  As we approach the end of your program, our weekly check-ins will include discussion on whether or not you'd like to continue to work together.  If you do, we'll begin the process again: new workouts, more content, and a continuation of the support plus a re-working of your program terms and cost as needed.  If not, we'll spend time summarizing what you'll continue to work on as you go out on your own.

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