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Plenty of people find themselves lost in the vast size of the world of wellness: with a gym or studio on every corner, class offerings online, the growing popularity of home gyms and unlimited information on the internet; it can be extremely difficult to determine what will work best for you. Further, each chapter of your life can look different than the last, making it tricky to navigate how to adapt as time goes on. It may be that rather than face-to-face personal training, you need help with sorting out your goals, your timelines, and the reality of this design.  My custom fitness programming is meant to fill the gap between private training sessions and self-sustainability: I will act as your designer, coach, and resource for all things wellness as you go.

Custom fitness programming is available in six week increments: during this time, you'll be assigned workouts, cardio, yoga classes, rest...whatever it is you need to achieve your goals! You'll enjoy a structured framework to your wellness life that also allows for personal choice and flexibility from one day to the next. Our process will begin with a discussion on what you'd like to achieve and how much support & detail you need.

This programming is the most customizable of my offerings: if you need written workouts, you'll receive them.  If you would like scheduling studio classes or online offerings into your life, we can arrange that.  If you design your own workouts, but would like help refining your focus, we'll organize together. The purpose and the goal is to identify what you love to do - what you'll actually do each day - and put into place a plan that you're excited to execute over time.

Your plan can include diet & nutrition coaching, if you so choose, so that you are addressing the complete package of your wellness.  More information on the design of nutrition coaching can be found here.

Once we've had an initial session, you'll receive your plan and have an ongoing relationship with me for six weeks, checking in on a regular basis, to be sure you are feeling successful as you go. Rates for these six week packages begin around $300 and go higher depending on the detail you require, the amount of support you need, and whether or not you elect to include diet & nutrition coaching as a part of your plan. The plans are highly tailored and can include, but are not limited to:

- facetime with KP (scheduled in 30 minute increments) 

- design of customized workouts (a certain number per week, for rotation, based on your goals)

- design of programming leading up to an event (IE a 10k, Tough Mudder, or wedding)

- design of programming that aid in rehabilitation after injury or surgery

- a plan for the use of classes and online offerings (IE online Peleton classes or in-studio yoga)

- supportive online materials (IE guides on reading programming or executing workouts)

- either basic dietary feedback or a tailored plan for your diet (IE calorie goals or food plans)

- weekly email check ins (for discussion on progress and questions/concerns)

- access to KP via text (for day-to-day questions/concerns)

You can invest in as many or as few six week phases as you see fit. We will re-negotiate your program design, level of support, terms & price point with every phase in alignment with your success and growth.

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