Break the cycle of "I'll start on Monday..."

There's a lot to juggle in our lives: diet, exercise, restoration, work, family, free time & play. It's not really a surprise that it can be difficult to simplify taking care of ourselves and to make space for wellness practices on an ongoing basis. Foundations with KP is a month-long exploration of how you set the stage for a better and more effective relationship to self-care.


This group-oriented series of events will take you back to the source of what is important to you so that you may set realistic goals and map out your tactics accordingly.  We'll move through a step-by-step process over the four weeks and work together to hone your focus, chip away at barriers, and set the stage for your personal method that will serve you again and again over time.  We'll meet twice weekly for equal parts lecture, discussion, and movement and you'll be a part of a private Facebook discussion group to build community and gain support between our meetings. The program will be limited to 8 participants.

Our program will run from Sunday, June 14 through Sunday, July 12 (no class on Sunday July 5) with weekly sessions on Sunday morning and Wednesday evenings.  All sessions will be held via Zoom - no matter where you are in the world, this program is for you! You are encouraged to to attend in-person, though all sessions will be recorded should you miss a date.


Program cost is $245 and includes:

  • 4 Sunday morning lecture & discussion sessions (10:00-noon)​ on the following:

    • Goals, Flexibility & Adherence​

    • Approach to Workouts & Developing an Exercise Schedule

    • Basics of Nutrition: Arranging Diet to Serve You

    • When to Sustain & When to Progress

  • 4 Tuesday night movement classes (6:00-7:15, 2 yoga practices & 2 strength workouts)

  • 1 Private 60 minute session with KP for workshopping items unique to your life

  • Supportive online materials for developing your personal method

  • Access to a private Facebook group geared toward discussion, resources & accountability

More Details...

The design of this group will be beginner-oriented, though all levels of practitioner are welcome: the purpose of this program is to hone focus, simplify method, and enjoy a community of like-minded people who will support you in creating a foundation you can use over and over again no matter what you aim to achieve (or...not achieve.) If you're not sure if it's the right route for you, drop me a line and we'll discuss.

Sunday Sessions & Tuesday Classes

All Zoom meetings are in Central Standard Time. Our Sunday AM sessions will run from 10:00 to noon and will include some aspect of lecture that will take no more than 60 minutes.  In this lecture you'll learn about a segment of my method for simplifying the approach to wellness and receive tasks to complete that will feed to the following week. Post-lecture we'll use our remaining time to discuss how you relate to each subject - your personal pitfalls, where you're feeling stuck, your past victories as well as what you have to share to help your friends become successful & relaxed in your wellness life.

Tuesday PM classes will be 75 minutes long and will be either a yoga practice or strength workout geared toward the needs and requests of our group. This will also be our chance to check in on questions or concerns that may arise after the previous Sunday's discussion.

Private Session with KP

This private session is all about you.  We'll meet anytime within our 5 week program window to discuss your unique challenges within your process.  We can use this for a personal training sessions/workout, questions on yoga practice or other movement, a deeper discussion on your diet or to workshop things that aren't making sense. After our time you'll receive follow-up notes that includes a list of action items that fit into your developing plan.

Online Materials & Facebook Group

All online materials will be shared via Google Drive and will sync up with the subject of our weekly Sunday Session.  You'll receive the templates I use to keep my private clients' wellness plans organized so that you may sort out how structure in your own approach can set you up for flexibility in execution.

While I'm a confident leader in these territories, I certainly don't have all the answers!  My hope for this program is that you walk away with quality information and clarity sourced from many different people.  The FB group will be the place to meet friends, share victories & resources as well as workshop defeats with many different perspectives at your disposal.  You can engage as much as or as little as you like: I'll pop in daily to answer questions, offer ideas, and show you what I'm up to in my own wellness life.

Terms & Conditions

Program​ participants will be limited to 8 individuals so that you may enjoy the benefits of personal attention in our sessions. The program must be paid in full previous to the start date to secure your place. You may enjoy a 100% refund up to two weeks before our start date a 50% refund within one week of our start date should your circumstances change after registration.  No refunds will be given starting 48 hours before our start date and time.  No partial refunds will be given for any portion of the program you are unable to attend.  The program minimum is 4 individuals; if registration should remain below this prior to our start date you will receive a full refund and information on the next session window for the future.

Upon registration & payment-in-full each each participant will receive an introductory questionnaire that I will use to get to know you & to tailor our session content towards as many of your needs as the group setting will allow. Prompt return of this questionnaire is requested.

In-person attendance and participation in our Zoom meetings is strongly encouraged, though all sessions will be recorded and saved so that absences may be made up.  Sunday sessions will be recorded and made available for re-watching during our 5 week window.  Tuesday classes will be recorded and sent to you so that you may keep these classes permanently. 

All participants will be required to sign a Liability Waiver & Release as well as a contract that covers the terms of the program offering and what each individual can expect by participating.  This program is a group offering and will be led as such: the level of success you enjoy will be determined by your own drive to execute weekly tasks and use your time between sessions to engage with our shared materials.  If you are seeking more personalized attention, please reach out or explore my customized program offerings.