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Hi, I'm Kaila

Certified Trainer, Professional Bodybuilder 

Yoga Instructor & Nutrition Coach

My journey in the world of wellness began 15 years ago as an actor in NYC utilizing yoga to access my connection to performance.  Since then I've lived it all: from yoga studios to every kind of gym - from cycling studios to the bodybuilding stage and back again. I've got a well-rounded fitness life and I'm here to offer my experience as you make sense of your own.

Fall 2022 News: We're having a baby!

Glad to announce to the world that my husband James and I are expecting a son in November of 2022 and I'll be taking full leave from work from November 1 through the early months of the new year.  I plan to return to work at least part-time in March of 2023.

If you are here for help prior to November, I'm no longer offering full phases of coaching but am happy to have some online sessions with you to set up some basics for winter. If you'd like to pursue formal coaching in the spring, when I return to work, I'll be here.  Click the box below to connect. 

In the meantime, feel free to explore the site to read about everything I offer outside of my maternity leave.  Referrals are welcome, too: share my information anytime.  We'll see you on the other side!


Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

Personalized Methods to Change Your Life

Your way of exercise, the way you eat, and your way of restoring {like anything else} are completely unique to who you are.  Work with me to develop a tailored approach that balances structure with flexibility: achieve your goals with a sense of power, freedom, and ease.